Wednesday, June 12, 2013

March 2013

March 2013

March was a big milestone- Georgia turned half a year old! We cannot believe how quickly she grew.

She likes to show off her new skill of rolling onto her tummy!

March 3,2013- HAPPY 6 MONTHS!!!!

She really was not as happy as this picture suggests! Her first "real food" was sweet potatoes!

Sweet Girl all dressed up!

Jo Jo came to visit and brought Miss Priss some skinny jeans and boots- she is stylin'

Hanging at Salt Creek Beach

Girls' lunch with JoJo, Natalie and Lula at Big Canyon Country Club

First time meeting the Easter Bunny at Fashion Island

JoJo getting some sweet baby love. Georgia is such a happy baby!

I got an afternoon out and enjoyed bowling with my co-workers

Georgia wasn't so sure about the peas. Later I learned that if I mix them with a little applesauce- she will eat them up!

Pretty Baby

We had a fun time celebrating Lucas Turning one and Roman turning three!

Cool chick with daddy

I cannot get enough of this sweet face!


First time in a restaurant high chair. She didn't last long but she loved have dinner with her California Grammy!

March was a fun month with lots of firsts. Georgia starting rolling over to sleep on her stomach which eventually led to her sleeping all night!! I was one relieved, happy, and well rested mama!

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Happy New Year! January 2013

I am still trying to catch up so I am just posting some of my favorite pictures from January. Georgia's personality really started to shine in month 4. She is such a sweet baby!!

Happy New Year!

January 3, 2013- 4 Months Old!!!!

Visiting daddy at work-thanks for the cute hat JoAnn!

Ready for church

First time in the Bumbo...and not quite sure what to think.

Learning to push up for the first time!

Spending time with Grandpa Bill (One of her CA Grandparents)

January was a great month. Georgia was still not sleeping all the way through the night but would usually only get up once to feed. She is a happy baby most of the time!!

Friday, May 10, 2013

February 2013

I was so lucky that I was able to go to Mississippi in December and then again in February. Jeremy headed to the Caribbean on a cruise for Chick-fil-A Seminar so I headed to visit the south again. It is amazing how much Georgia changed in just 6 short weeks.

2/3/13- 5 months old!!!!

Georgia and I ready to go on a date with daddy.

First Time in exersaucer

First Rice cereal

Cute little seminole :)

Georgia got to meet Kristen and JR in the Dallas Airport!

 Mrs. Debbie and Georgia

 First Valentine's 

GC with Uncle Ryan

 Mrs Linda came to meet GC and she just wanted to nap on her!

Georgia visited Jo Jo at her school

Brenda and Jo Jo reading to GC

Georgia had to have another date with Rhodes!

Georgia and Grandad Jim

My Valentine (and best birthday gift ever!!!)

Mr. Will making GC smile:)

I started back to work part time in February and we are so blessed that we found a nanny for Georgia that was already a friend of ours and treats Georgia like one of her own! Here are 2 pictures she sent me the first week I went back:

We are just so so thankful for our sweet miracle and had a great 5th month with her!!

December 2012

It is now May and I haven't even posted any Christmas pictures. I really am going to try and catch up this time. I am posting some of my favorite pictures from December. I cannot believe how much Georgia has grown since then!

December 1st- Our first MOPS Christmas party and Georgia was supporting her Florida State Seminoles!

December 3- Georgia turns 3 months old!

Sometimes she gets to snuggle in mama and daddy's bed :)

I got to go out for my first girl's night out at the country club! Love Spending time with Jo and Erin.

Sweet Angel

Christmas Party at Erin's. Love all these sweet friends. They are my California Family.

We had a big Christmas. First we went to Thomasville, GA to see Jeremy's family.

Grandma, Jeremy and Georgia

Jeremy, Georgia, Papa, and me

The whole Simpson Gang

Aunt Heather with Georgia

Georgia sporting her "Santa's Helper" outfit

Next we drove to Mississippi to visit my family. Georgia did so good on the long road trip. When we first got there, we got to meet Georgia's Twin Cousins her were born 7 weeks after her!

Harper, Georgia, and Isabel!

Jeremy, Me, Georgia, Jason, Harper, Brandy, Isabel, and Jamie (the grandchildren and great grandchildren)

Georgia's First Christmas morning- She left Santa some cookies and milk

Georgia staring at her GG

This picture is blurry but I love the looks on their faces. Pure Joy!!

Georgia also got to meet Carley's newest addition- Anna Massey!

Me and Georgia

Audrey Anne meeting GC for the first time 

Jo Jo loving on her favorite grandbaby!

Vicki meeting Georgia!

We couldn't leave MS without seeing John Michael, Brittany, Ryder and Rhodes..and on a side note- we really enjoyed eating at "Another Broken Egg"

It was a busy December but we had a blast! Georgia grew so much and rolled over for the first time while we were in Mississippi! Being "home for the holidays" was wonderful!