Saturday, July 21, 2012

Playing Catch Up

Most of you already know that I have been quite sick with my pregnancy so it has been 15 weeks since I have blogged! I am going to try and catch up without this being incredibly lengthy. First, thank you to all who have been praying for me during this pregnancy. Around 20 weeks, I had a reaction to a nausea medication I was taking and had to stop taking it. This brought on some intense nausea and vomiting which left me with an ER visit and I lost 9 lbs in 2 weeks! We finally found a medication regimen that works for me (I love my zofran :) I still have to battle nausea, but I am able to eat and keep it down and that is the most important thing.

The first 2 pictures are before I got so sick:

19 weeks

20 weeks- We found out it is definitely a girl and got a cute picture of her waving at us (Or trying to suck her thumb- we aren't quite sure).

And then I missed a few weeks. Thanks to my sweet mom who flew out to California to help take care of me!

My first Mother's day. I was not feeling so great but thankful to my sweet hubby who at least got me to the beach for a few minutes that day (Salt Creek Beach).

23 weeks- I graduated!!!

24 weeks- We made time for a short trip to Palm Springs to celebrate a babymoon, our 7th wedding anniversary, and my graduation! Being in the sunshine really helped cheer me up since I spend many of my days inside not feeling so great.

At 26 weeks, I had a wonderful baby shower in Mississippi! For some reason, I can't find my pictures right now- but thank you to all my sweet friends and family for making that such a special day!

27 weeks- enjoying the Mississippi heat

I couldn't leave Mississippi without having dinner with the Estess gang. I miss our weekly Friday night dinners. This was my first time eating at Julep- it was amazing! I think we will have to go back there anytime we are visiting.

28 weeks- Hello Third Trimester!!

28 week ultrasound- The doctor wanted to make sure she was growing enough since I lost so much weight and was having a hard time gaining. Of course, my sweet girl was measuring AHEAD! She is already an over-achiever! I just love her sweet profile.

This was at the end of the ultrasound. She had both hands covering her face. I think she was trying to tell us to leave her alone! She likes to sleep just like her mama!

29 weeks- The day I had my California Baby Shower and what a great day it was. Here are a few pictures:
Thank you to all my sweet friends for making that such a special day!

30 weeks- I can't believe I made it to the 30's! It seemed like the 20's would never end.

31 weeks at Huntington Beach. Enjoyed having my mom there to visit and help me get everything ready for Georgia! Below are some pictures of the nursery. I would have never finished it all if I didn't have my mom. She even helped me wash all her clothes. She is going to be the best "Jo Jo."

Ok-Last picture, I promise. This is me at 32 weeks on cow appreciation day at the store:

I am 33 weeks today. I can't believe I have made it this far. I have had some other minor health concerns and still fight some nausea, but overall, I am blessed to be carrying a healthy baby girl who moves all the time! We are so excited that we will meet her soon!