Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Georgia's 2nd month

One day I am going to catch up and not be so behind on my blog entries. Here are a few (ok A LOT) of pictures of Georgia's busy 2nd month of life. The biggest development in month 2 was definitely her smile!

We had a great time at the pumpkin patch with Casey, JoAnn and the kids


First date night (Jeremy's Birthday)

First Halloween

 Jeremy's Dedication Dinner for our new Chick-fil-A

 Angela with Miss G
 Brenda, Jo, and Jessica
 Tom and Diane
 Mike and Erin

 Here are some of my favorite pictures of Georgia's smiles!

 Lastly, here are her 2 month pictures!
(She was 11lbs 13 oz at her 2 month check up!)

 We just fall more in love with her every day!

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Georgia- The first month

The first month home with Georgia was a challenge, but a welcome one. She started off sleeping about 2 hours in between feedings but made it up to 3 hours by the time she was a month old. She had some colicky behavior between weeks 2-4 but we started giving her probiotics and she is such a happy baby now! Here are some of my favorite moments from her first month:

First time in her nursery!

First diaper change at home.

Lisa was Georgia's first visitor at home.

Mrs. Diane came to see us too!

First bath at home. She doesn't look too happy (She did not like bath time pretty much the whole first month)

More bath time...

9/9/12- Grandparents' Day
We are so thankful that Georgia has wonderful grandparents in the south and California grandparents (Tom and Diane and Nancy and Bill)

Aunt Heather had to leave and we were sad to see her go. She was so much help the first week we had Georgia home

We also had a visit from our favorite seminoles, Mike and Erin

4 days old and heading to the pediatrician for the first time

Daddy loves to snuggle his baby girl!

9/12/12- on the way to the airport to pick up Jo Jo (Joan) 

I think Jo Jo is in love!

Georgia with Jo Jo and Lula

Saying goodbye to Jo Jo was soooo hard! She will be back at Thanksgiving!

First date night- We all went to Outback with Joann, Casey, Haylee and Hunter!

Date night wore her out!

We got a smile...sort of

Our attempt at one month pictures...
the half smile



Ok, I have had enough!

That was one fun month!