Wednesday, June 12, 2013

March 2013

March 2013

March was a big milestone- Georgia turned half a year old! We cannot believe how quickly she grew.

She likes to show off her new skill of rolling onto her tummy!

March 3,2013- HAPPY 6 MONTHS!!!!

She really was not as happy as this picture suggests! Her first "real food" was sweet potatoes!

Sweet Girl all dressed up!

Jo Jo came to visit and brought Miss Priss some skinny jeans and boots- she is stylin'

Hanging at Salt Creek Beach

Girls' lunch with JoJo, Natalie and Lula at Big Canyon Country Club

First time meeting the Easter Bunny at Fashion Island

JoJo getting some sweet baby love. Georgia is such a happy baby!

I got an afternoon out and enjoyed bowling with my co-workers

Georgia wasn't so sure about the peas. Later I learned that if I mix them with a little applesauce- she will eat them up!

Pretty Baby

We had a fun time celebrating Lucas Turning one and Roman turning three!

Cool chick with daddy

I cannot get enough of this sweet face!


First time in a restaurant high chair. She didn't last long but she loved have dinner with her California Grammy!

March was a fun month with lots of firsts. Georgia starting rolling over to sleep on her stomach which eventually led to her sleeping all night!! I was one relieved, happy, and well rested mama!

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